1. Service Introduction

What is NANOO?

NANOO is a web-based solution that integrates and operates your mobile game’s official homepage, community and support center.

Main Features

NANOO enables multi-platform operation of homepage, community and support center optimized for mobile users. Sync announcements and events created in NANOO to the game. Post authenticated official score achievements in NANOO. NANOO has initial global service support in 5 languages - English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean with all service for free.

Using It

NANOO makes live service possible with style and efficiency. This translates to keeping up user retention rate and number of daily active users (DAU), with increased revenue and life time value (LTV) of the game.

2. Important

To make NANOO community effectively more active, insert in-game community links. Links to the community should be placed on the uppermost level where it’s most visible enabling frequent user visits, such as the game’s main screen. Number of active community users decrease by more than half if links are placed on a lower level, such as in settings menu.

Customize Banner Images

In NANOO Partners Home > General Info > Banner Image, upload the title images for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Title image will be displayed on the top section of NANOO community making the game recognizable and encouraging users to community participation.

Active Communications with the Gamers

For an effective use of the community, proactive communication with the gamers is necessary. Schedule frequent updates and events for users to get in touch with new information. Link announcements created in NANOO in-game to be displayed to game users.

3. Using the Service

Starting NANOO Service

Connect to NANOO Partners via https://partners.nanoo.so and sign up with an email account. After receiving email authentication, NANOO is ready to be used.

Register Game

Register games for release/pre-release game app. (Only mobile game apps can be registered. Per service policy, apps other than mobile games are subject for deletion.)

  • Step 1: Game Info
    • Default language: (Required) Select the language of the country the game is released in. (Select English for U.S. or U.K., Select English if global or if the language you’re looking for does not exist)
    • Game Name: (Required) Enter the game title
    • Game Icon: Register game icon image to be shown in NANOO community (Square images only with 300 pixel minimum for each side)
  • Step 2: Game Info
    • Channel ID : (Required) Customize channel’s URL address. Registration will be done in https://game.nanoo.so/Channel ID format. Make Channel public: (Required) Open/close channel
    • Make Channel public : (Required) Open/close channel Channel Category : (Required) Select genre of the game. Changes can also be made later.
  • Step 3: Complete Registration
    • Game Registration : Confirm entered information and click ‘Create Game Channel’ to complete

IGAWorks Partners User Guide

To use NANOO service via IGAWorks ad-brix partners, log in through ad-brix partners account.

  1. Connect to adbrix partners page (https://partners.ad-brix.com)
  2. Select NANOO on the main page
  3. Select in the list, or register, the app that will use NANOO
  4. Apply to create a Channel (Authentication takes maximum of one business day)
  5. Upon completing authentication, customize Channel in NANOO Partners page

4. Guide | Channel Info

Game Info

Manage game info related to the NANOO community

  • Game Title: Icon image and title of the game. This can be changed in General Info > Game Info
  • Genre: Select a genre the game already or will be registered for
  • Channel ID: Confirm address of the channel for availability and register (Not recommended for change after opening to public)
  • Channel Open/Close: Open channel enables public access

Game Info

Manage game info to be shown to users

  • Add Language: Add language to display Game Info to applicable language users
  • Get Google Play Info & Get iTunes Info: Game info from different app stores can be obtained for released games
  • Game Title: Input game title. If yet undecided, enter a temporary project name.
  • Game Icon: Register game icon image to be shown in NANOO community. Only square images with more than 300 pixels for each side is allowed.
  • Videos: Link video for game introduction to users. (Only YouTube videos allowed)
  • Screenshots: Game screenshots can be added or removed
  • Game Description: Enter game description for introduction

Title Image

  • Add Language: Add language to display Title Image to applicable language users
  • Banner Image (Smartphones): Add Title Image to be shown in smartphone resolution (480 by 360 pixels fixed with 150 KB limit)
  • Banner Image (Desktops & Tablets): Upload Title Image to be shown in desktop resolution (920 by 270 pixels fixed with 200 KB limit)

Store Link Register download paths for different app stores to let users install games on to their devices via the menu in NANOO.

5. Guide | Announcements/Events

Add/Remove Main Contents

For different purposes of the Channels, the following can be customized.

  • Game Info: Videos, screenshots and description representing the game
  • Images: Images that users have posted on the Channel
  • Videos: Videos that users have posted on the Channel
  • Announcements: Announcements by the admins on the Channel
  • Events: Events by the admins on the Channel
  • Forums: Popular thread discussions out of all the threads
  • Support: Direct links to support center
  • Other Games by This Developer: Links to other games by the same developer

Drag and drop categories to add or remove categories.

Change Main Content Order

To change the order of the added contents, simply drag and drop to the desired location.

6. Guide - Menu Layout

Add Forums

To add forums, choose the menu select the forum type.

  • Regular Forum: Users are free to post
  • Admin Forum: Only admins are permitted to post
  • Screenshot Forum: Only posts with images are permitted
  • Event Forum: Only admins are permitted to change. Includes same functions as Events.

Additional Elements

Elements other than forums can be added. Like forums, select elements to be added by selecting from the menu.

  • Group: Create a group for menus. Place the indented menu names under the group name. Users can show or hide the group by clicking on the group name.
  • Separator: Add separating lines between menus to easily find forums by topics
  • External Link: Add external links other the ones in the Channel

Select the category and click Add have it added into the menu. Same for additional elements, drag and drop additional elements into the desired location on the menu.

7. Guide | Forums

Forum Monitoring

  1. Select a forum or all threads to monitor
  2. Select a thread to see the posts inside. Choose to delete the whole thread or individual posts if necessary
  3. Click on registered users and restrict service use for violating forum rules

Create a Post

  1. Select the forum to create a post in
  2. Select sticky to pin the post to top
    • Make this sticky: Select this to pin the post to top for the particular forum
    • Make this sticky for all forums: Select this to pin the post to top for all forums
  3. To change the forum to save in, proceed within the forum
  4. Register event valid period and banner image
    • Event Display Period: Time period to be diplayed on the main page
    • Event Date Period: Actual valid event date period
    • Event Banner: Event banner to dislayed on the main page (490 by 200 fixed & PNG, JPG and JPEG only)
  5. Enter title and content
  6. Set post settings to enable or disable reply posts
  7. Clear checkbox to create a hidden thread

8. Guide | Support

User Guide

Write a user guide on how the gamers should be utilizing the Support Center in different languages.

Category Settings

Add and manage categories to be used in FAQ and Contact Support.


Input FAQ for the created category.

  • Category : Select a category for FAQ (Select one created in Category Settings)
  • Title : Input title related to the inquiry
  • Content : Input response to the inquiry (Can be used as a canned response in Manage Inquiries)

Canned Responses

Reusable responses can be added or edited to efficiently process frequently received inquiries.

Contact Support

Add required inquiry categories, in addition to the existing items of Category Name, Title, Username, Email and Phone Number

  • Category: Name to be shown for selecting a category
  • Description: Input description of the category if needed (To be shown in small text below the category)
  • Required: Checkmark to have users input mandatorily (Optional if left unchecked)
  • Parameter: A variable parameter for use in the format of https://game.na…/post?Parameter1=data&Parameter2=data. Used in user inquiries for automatic input of usernames or ID numbers for SNS apps.

Manage Inquiries

Search and respond to user inquiries received via Support.

Main page with list of inquiries

  • Category: Select one to search text within the filtered category
  • Status: Select one to only search within Answered or Unanswered inquiries
  • Status: Select to search within Title / Inquiry / Response / Name / Email / Contacts / Operator / Additional Categories / Browser Info (To search within categories created in Category Settings, select Additional Categories)
  • Search: Input search text

Inquiry list provides the following information

  • Category: See which category the inquiry belongs to
  • Title: Title of the inquiry
  • User : Username of the inquirer (Actual names for users not registered to the service)
  • Responder : See which operator replied to the inquiry
  • Created : Inquiry registered date
  • Status : See inquiry reply status

See and reply by clicking on the title of user inquiries. For more effective replies, features as below may be utilized.

  • Status: See reply status
  • Responder: See which operator has replied to the inquiry
  • Category: See which category the inquiry belongs to
  • Title: Title of the inquiry
  • User: Username of the user (Actual name if unregistered user)
  • Phone: Phone number of the user
  • Email: Email of the user. Reply notification gets sent to this email address.
  • Browser Info: See which browser the inquiry was created in
  • Additional Info: See information from the added categories
  • Inquiry Response History: See inquiry history of the user
  • Unreplied User Inquiry History: See list of unreplied inquiries of the user
  • Operator Reponse History: See response and edit history of the operator

Use one of the 3 following ways to respond to inquiries.

  • Canned Response: Use replies registered on Canned Responses and reply with modification
  • FAQ reply: Use replies registered on FAQ and reply with modification
  • Direct reply : Write reply in the content to respond

If the content of the inquiry violates the rulee of operations, the operator may ban service use by clicking on the username (However, non-registered users cannot be banned)

Page after clicking on one of the inquiries User Inquiry : Inquiry information entered by user User Inquiry History : Other inquiries by the user Operator Response History : List of operators responded with date and time Operator Response : Write response to the inquiry

9. Guide | Gamers

All Gamers

Search all Gamers registered on the Channel and ban gamers if necessary.

  • Ban Effect : Restricted from creating and replying to posts (User inquiries are still enabled)
  • Ban Period : Select from 1 day (Warning) / 7 days / 15 days / 30 days / Permanent
  • Ban Reason : Select one from the provided reasons
  • File Attachment : Upload screenshot image for proof of inappropriate content
  • Ban History : Previous activity ban history

Banned Gamers

  • Verify ban status from a list of banned Gamers and lift bans if necessary.

10. Guide | Statistics

Statistics Settings

Activate to get support center statistics and select timezone for daily statistic report.

Inquiry Statistics

A variety of inquiry related statistics are provided as the following.

  • Graph and data details for number of daily inquiries
  • Graph and data details for daily responses to inquiry
  • Number of inquiries by categories
  • Number of responses to inquiries by categories
  • Number of responses to inquiries by operators

Inquiry Statistics by Operators

Provides number of responses to inquiries by individual operators as the following.

  • Number of inquiry responses by categories for selected operator
  • Number of inquiry responses to by days for selected operator

11. Guide | Sub-Admins


Add/Remove sub-admins who manage the forums and support center.

  • ID: Used for logging into NANOO Partners (Login can be done via ID@domain.com format)
  • Name: To be shown to users (After the initial creation, changes can be made in user profile page)
  • Password: For logging into NANOO Partners
  • Timezone: Sub-admin’s location

Change Password

To change password, select the account to be changed and input a new one. Changes can be made by admin only.

Delete Sub-Admin

Delete sub-admin accounts not needed. Deleted accounts are removed from the list after NANOO approves the process, which takes 1 to 3 business days.

12. Guide | Developer Center


Generate API Key for linking between NANOO and in-game content. The key must be generated for linking Announcements and Events.

Use Open API to sync announcements and events between a game and nanoo. For a detailed how-to information on linking, please refer to nanoo Announcements / Events In-Game Link Guide. If any questions, please contact us via info@nanoo.so

Achievements like acquiring rare items and reaching high scores that occur during gameplay can be posted officially to the community. For a detailed link guide, please refer to API Link: Announcements/Events Guide. If any questions, please contact us via info@nanoo.so.